John’s Little Info Gems

I’ve been meaning to set this up for many years and for some reason, the planets are now in alignment and I’m up to the task.

This isn’t about me, it’s in honour of John Little, my fantastic husband and father of our 3 equally fantastic children, Michael, Catherine and Mary!

What’s driving this column is that John’s a truly amazing fountain of an incredibly eclectic range of information.

In addition, John is an IT specialist, physics and maths graduate, socially responsible citizen, great cook of chilli-filled food and yes – a quiz fiend!

These gems from John have generally come from conversations with family and friends or where one of the children has specifically asked Dad, what’s ….? and John has provided the answer.

The common theme is that no-one else in the room generally has that piece of random info which they can recall and articulate so easily,  just sitting in their heads!

Stay tuned for all sorts of little gems of weird and wonderful information from John!