I Love Those CVD Diamonds!

I was looking lovingly at a  gorgeous diamond ring today – $90, 000 worth – and the store assistant asked if I’d like to try one on.

I was delighted – though I think our son Michael was a little bored – and made sure she knew that I wasn’t going to buy one!  She did offer me a finance option though!

When I came home and told John about this, he told me about artificial diamonds, the process for making them, how perfect they are and importantly, how much cheaper they are than the Real Thing!

The process he told me about is called Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).  Basically you take a seed/very small particle of diamond, apply gas, temperature, pressure etc and out the other end comes a perfect, lab created diamond.


I didn’t really know this, so Googled artificial diamonds and came up with some wonderful websites.

Extra Info From Me

Other common substances created by CVD are:

  • Silicon variations – polysilicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride
  • Metals – aluminium, copper, titanium, tungsten

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