Huskies’ A+ Livers …

Mary was talking about a YouTuber she follows who has a couple of huskies, and yes, John told us some interesting info about huskies!

Did you know that if you’re ever stuck in the ice and snow  with no food but with some huskies you should NEVER eat their livers?

This fact about huskies was highlighted in a 1913 Antarctic expedition which turned to tragedy.

One explorer fell into a crevasse together with husky sled dogs, food and other essential supplies.

For the remaining two, the only thing between them and death was their huskies.  One explorer ate a lot of husky liver and died.  The other – famous Australian Douglas Mawson – ate only a little liver and more muscle and survived to tell the tale.

It turns out that huskies store a huge amount of Vitamin A in their livers and that eating too much Vitamin A can kill a human.

Extra Info From Me

The names of the other 2 explorers were Ninnis – who fell in the crevasse – and Mertz who ate too much liver.  Hypervitaminosis A is the medical term for the toxic effects of eating too much Vitamin A.


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