Origin Of Robot Species!

Just about every Saturday John and I do the quiz in the magazine part of the newspaper.

One of the questions related to the origin of the word robot – of course I had nooooooooooooooo idea.

Of course John knew!

He told me that the word was first used in a very influential play called RUR – in English Rossum’s Universal Robots.

Extra Info From Me

RUR was written by a Czech playwright Karel Capek and in Czech stands for Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti. The play premiered in January 1921, was enormously popular and in 1923 had been translated into thirty languages.

The play begins in a factory that makes artificial people, called roboti.  Rather than being clever machines these roboti are living creatures.  They can think for themselves and at first are content to work for humans, but an uprising by the roboti leads to the extinction of the human race.


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